October 23, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

401(k) plan perks grow, but savings still lag

Individual Investment Advice for 401(k) Participants Becomes More Available But Employer Contributions Drop

Wells Fargo, Galliard Capital Soft Close Stable Value Funds

Reasons to Consider Offering a Roth Account

3 ways to turn your IRA and 401(k) into a lifetime retirement paycheck

Plan Sponsors Should Monitor ‘Float’ Income Earned by Trustees and TPAs

How do you minimize 401(k) expenses?

Top 20 managers of proprietary target-date strategies used by DC plans

In Most Countries, People Working Longer Before Retiring


Canada: Pension Reform, Canadian MPs lead by example

Tactics to cut pension plan risk reduce PBGC premiums and exposure

State Pension Plan Debt: Ticking Time Bomb or Myth?

Closing pension plan among proposed Knox charter changes

Pension funds may rank fund managers on activism

The Best Pension Performance Since Lehman?


Weighing The Week Ahead: Premature Verdict On Q3 Earnings?

Unemployment falls in 41 states, government says

Large companies post weak Q3 sales

BMO report: equities to remain on a growth path

China’s economic growth stabilized, as slowdown almost bottomed out

China’s yuan steadily replaces U.S. dollar in East Asia

Annual Growth Rates Decelerate for All Nine Indices in August 2012 According to the S&P Healthcare Economic Indices

Workers comp claim data is a good economic indicator

Spain: The Fiscal Problems Of The Autonomous Regional Governments

BofA Merrill Lynch Report Identifies Investment Opportunities and Risks Resulting From Global Drought Conditions

ETF Education Website Developed

U.S. stocks outperform every other major asset class


Another Hedge Fund Veteran Throws in Towel

Alternatives Go Mainstream

Hedge Funds Cut Bets to 12-Week Low as Prices Drop: Commodities

IMQubator believes emerging hedge fund managers are better placed to generate premium returns

Sard Verbinnen Tops New Ranking Of Hedge Fund Advisors

September Hedge Fund Performance


IRS Announces Increased 2013 Deductibility Limits For Long-Term Care Insurance

Large Employers Look to On-Site Health Clinics to Reduce Costs and Absenteeism

Spending on Health Insurance Exchanges Surpasses $2 Billion

Coopetition? The Future of Employee Benefits

Big Data Gets Personal as Healthcare and Life Sciences Converge

‘Super-Utilizers’ of Health Care Place Huge Burden on System

‘Behavioral’ Hazard in Health Insurance: Those Who Tap Health Care Too Little Rather Than Too Much

Watch Out for Fly-by-Night Health Insurers

Health Insurance Choices Become Complicated Amid Rising Costs

Louisiana lawmakers delay vote on state health benefits privatization


How to beat Harvard’s endowment performance

Al Salmi Calls for New Ways to Invest Endowments


In Search of a Recordkeeper: Fiduciary Best Practices

The 15-Year Catch-Up Election: Is it Becoming the Dinosaur of 403(b) Plans?

Before It’s Too Late: A Retirement Security Update From Assistant Secretary Phyllis C. Borzi

Avoiding Audits Following Fee Disclosure

“Regulatory cliff” compounds uncertainty

How an improving economy makes new Fed policies more potent


Now Is the Best Time for an ESOP


While Life Insurance Sale Goes Up, Numbers of Insured Individuals Plummet, Insurance Navy Says

A.M. Best Special Report: Life/Health Industry Performance Steady Despite Headwinds

Highly Customized Coverage for a Menagerie of Exposures

Storms push insurance rates sky-high

Insurance fraud costs industry

High-Risk Jobs: Private WC Cover Is Pricey, but Possible

Marsh: Excess/Umbrella Casualty Rates Rise Again in Q3