October 24, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 DC Plan Focus Is Evolving

Ritter: Americans Should Contribute 15% to 401(k)

 Northern Trust Study: ‘Winning Strategies’ to Improve Outcomes for Defined Contribution Plans

 Study Shows Retirement Worries Growing Among Younger Americans

 Wells Fargo Study Finds Middle Class Americans Teeter on Edge of Retirement Cliff

 Customizing a Target Date Glide Path: Thoughts and Considerations

 A Look at Private-Sector Retirement Plan Income After ERISA, 2011

One-Third of Women Have Not Planned for Retirement

Increased Volatility Raises Retirement Worries, Boosting Need for Advisors: Natixis

 Gaps Exist Between Plan Sponsors and DC Plan Consultant Recommendations

 Transparency in 401(k) Fees May Lead to Churning

 U.S. to Expand Probe of Crediting of Veterans’ Military Service by New York City Pensions

NYC Responds to Accusation of Risky Plan Investments


 Tactics to cut pension plan risk reduce PBGC premiums and exposure

 Redefining Risk for Pension Plans

 Court Finds Baltimore County Pension Plan Discriminatory

 U.S. to Expand Probe of Crediting of Veterans’ Military Service by New York City Pensions

 Potential Effects on U.K. Public Employee Pension Benefits If Proposed Reforms Are Enacted

 UPS Profit Falls on Pension Restructure

 Pensions need to be reformed

 The Best Pension Performance Since Lehman?

 Fort Worth Police Officers Fight To Save Pension

 In-kind Contributions to Defined Benefit Plans


 U.S. Economic Policies Continue To Weaken The Dollar

 U.S. exporters lose business amid China’s downturn

 Consumers are unfazed by “fiscal cliff” talk, data show

 Bill Gross Slams Fed ‘Merry-Go-Round’ Policy

 Often Overlooked When Diversifying Assets: Long-Term Changes in Asset Class Correlations


 Battle Of The Hedge Fund Clones: GURU Vs. ALFA

 Hedge Funds Hot for Ailing Greece’s Debt

 Hedge Funds Cite ‘Fiscal Cliff’ as Top Concern: Survey

 As Hedge Funds Cater to Insurers and Pensions, Rich Investors Turn Away

 5 Hedge Fund Favorites to Buy This Fall


 Target seeks to be a health solutions center

 Healthcare costs top US executives’ concerns: Adecco survey

 Healthcare reform seen as continuing regardless of election results

 Researchers: PPACA may not thrill the newly insured

 HR Managers Want to Improve Health Benefits Knowledge

 Many Employers Taking Wait-and-See Approach on ACA; Few Plan to Switch to Exchanges

 Cholesterol levels headed down

 Local Governments Cutting Health Coverage

 Managing the Maze of Health Plan Decisions

 Recent Developments of Interest to Sponsors of Multiemployer Health Plans

 The Challenges of Pricing Health Insurance for the 2014 Exchanges

 New Study Shows Internet Directing Consumers’ Choice of Health Services and Products

 PBM transparency under the microscope

 Giving wellness programs a shot in the arm


 Is The Endowment Investment Model Broken?

 Why not spend Minnesota Orchestra’s $140M endowment?


 Finra lobbying expense drop

 Who Gets a Summary Annual Report?

 Court Rules Cash Balance Plan Not Allowed to Reduce Pre-Conversion Early Retirement Subsidy

 Regulators struggle to agree on details of Volcker rule

 Its tax-benefit lifeblood in the political crosshairs, the 401(k) industry marshals its forces to face an uncertain future


‘Top 250’ Report on Long-Term Incentive Grant Practices for Executives, 2012 Edition


 Demand for M&A Protection Grows in Corporate World

 Prudential In Final Stage of U.S. Systemic-Risk Review

 Argentina to Require Insurance Companies to Invest in Public Works

 Stop With This Complicated Insurance Stuff

 Treasury to sell off AIG stake this year?

 A.M. Best: Personal-Lines Insurers See Big Turnaround in 2012’s First Half


 Virtual Viewpoint: Billing Systems and Customer Service Improvements

IT innovation key to insurance sector

 Does your website do what it’s supposed to?