October 26, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 How to Evaluate Adviser Compensation Under 408(b)(2)

More — and younger — Americans worried about retirement, survey finds

 Paper Suggest Broader Approach to DC Investment Menus

 House panel may support some form of 401(k)-style defined-contribution plan

 Mary Beth Franklin: New retirement study downright spooky

 Using “Storytelling” to Communicate – Part I

 Auto Enrol at Higher Levels to Engage Staff

 How Will Variable Annuities Evolve As Boomers Seek Retirement Income?

 Would Tax Increases Prompt Small Business Owners to Reevaluate Their Retirement Programs?

 Top 10 managers of proprietary target-date strategies

 My stable value fund has a 0% expense ratio in my 401k??? – Topix


 Germany Faces Long Road Ahead to Reduce Reliance on State Pension

 Kimberly-Clark offers lump sum to 10000 former employees

 The Best and Worst Pension Systems Worldwide

 Should You Accept a Lump Sum Pension Buyout?

 Illinois Pension Plans on Road to Ruin

 Pension reform must extend to public workers


 Can The Fed Do Anything To Boost Real Economic Growth?

 Toeing ledge, US economy creeps forward

 Business confidence index continues to slide in Europe’s largest economy

 US Federal Reserve to keep rates low until 2015

 U.S. And China Share Problem Of Rising Income Inequality

 European Economic Conditions Worsen: Not Good For U.S. Firms

Ace’s Greenberg: Businesses ‘Fed Up’ With Lack of Leadership on U.S. Debt

In Poll, Most Economists Say Bernanke Has Gone Too Far With QE

 Thousands of employees are laid off worldwide as sales slide

Venture capital investment in U.S. declined 32% in Q3

Eurozone debt climbs to 90% of GDP in Q2

 Buffett on U.S. Economy: It’s Getting Better All the Time

 How Congress averted the fiscal cliff — in the 1840s

 Amid fee war, advisers say price isn’t paramount with bond ETFs

 ETFs are closing in record numbers

 Banking: The secretive sector

 Looming Fiscal Cliff Speeds Mergers


 These alternative investments are real alternatives

 Hedge Fund Havens Weigh Taxes as Caribbean’s Debt Rivals Greece

 Best hedge funds’ stock picks

 BUYOUTS-Colorado pension launches in-state private equity fund

 Mideast private equity firms to sell assets as mkts strengthen

Ernst & Young: Real Estate Private Equity Challenged by Liquidity Issues

 Private equity, not banks, will fund UK business restructuring


 Employer-sponsored health benefits for retirees dying out

 States Rein in Health Insurance Expenses for Public Employees

 New Health Reform Survey Finds Business As Usual for Employers in 2013

 Seven Factors Driving Up Your Health Care Costs

 Incentivizing Good Health: A Mid-Sized Employer’s Success Story

 What Americans Don’t Know About Their Doctors and Hospitals May Be Putting Their Health at Risk

 Eight Things Retirees Should Know About Health Insurance Following Health Care Reform

 Employers Cautious Toward Exchanges, Embrace CDHPs

 Commentators Want IRS To Lose FSA ‘Use It Or Lose It’ Rule, Treasury Official Says

 Private Health Insurance Exchanges: Look Before You Leap

 Despite Recession’s Effects on Incomes and Jobs, Share of People with High Medical Costs Was Mostly Unchanged


 Endowment should include student input

 Lon Morris College, Attorney General’s Office looking into missing endowment money


 DOL Helps You Keep an Eye on the Fees That Can Eat Away at Your 401(k)

 SEC’s Schapiro Expects Fiduciary Standard Proposal in 2013

 Md. Men Plead Guilty to Pension Theft

 The EPCRS and Audit Test of the 403(b) Regulations

 The Election and Advisors: FPA’s Dan Barry Reports, and Predicts


 Say on Pay: Takeaways from 2012 and Strategies for 2013


 Northwestern Mutual first to dethrift before Fed comes calling

 Insurance industry woes could hit consumers

 Pet insurance report shows large growth in US market

Money laundering: Vulnerabilities of insurance sector

Towers Watson Releases Latest Mortality Study for Life Insurers


 Learning Analytics: How Data Provides Direction

 Cyber Crooks Target Healthcare For Financial Data

 Executives agree, embrace big data or be replaced

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