October 29, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 Cheer Up! Your 401(k) Is Roaring Back

How diversified does a DC plan need to be?

401(k) Ownership Grows As IRA Ownership Falls, Says Study

American plans pilot 401(k) contributions as labor talks go on

High-priced spread: Consultant questions insurers’ take from stable-value funds

New Retirement Pro Emerges From Altered Landscape

Translating 401(k) Success Into 403(b) Success

 401(k)s “Top” Financial Priority. Really.

 Retirement plan limits less limited next year

 What Is Needed to Make the 401(k) System Work?

 TIAA-CREF: Most Americans don’t follow through on financial advice

 Ineffective Education a Top Barrier to Saving

 Using “Storytelling” to Communicate – Part II

 Federal Employees’ Retirement System and the Thrift Savings Plan: A Combined Approach to Retirement Security


 Top Companies Continue to Drop Pensions

 cal government pension funds ‘should invest in housing’

Los Angeles gears up for ballot battle over city pensions

 Should you accept a pension buyout? A closer look

 Are Public Pensioners Safe?

 Half of workers can not afford to retire, pensions industry says

 Northrop Grumman makes $300 million pension contribution

 Aurora ends pension contributions, ups 403(b) plan

 A Look at Retiree Cashouts as the New De-Risking Strategy


 U.S. Q3 GDP: Good News In The Headlines, Not So Good In The Details

Redacted Version Of The October 2012 FOMC Statement

 Economists’ Goal: A Measure for All Seasons

 Study: Nearly 1 million jobs have been lost because of “fiscal cliff”

China replaces U.S. as top destination for foreign investment

 US economy grew in third quarter to 2%, GDP data shows

 Affluent Feel Stuffed With Cash, Ready to Invest: UBS Report

 ‘Frankenstorm’ May Create Headwinds for Insurance ETFs

 Vast Majority of Advisors Will Increase ETF Use in 2013: Guggenheim

 Gross says economy, deficit, fiscal cliff to dominate with Romney or Obama win

 80 CEOs Urge Congress to Tackle Deficit, Raise Revenue

 Mortgage Rates : Rising On US Economic Data

 Oil prices rise after positive US economic data


 Why the S&P Is Thrashing Hedge Funds

Pension funds to increase HF allocation despite recent poor performance

Hedge funds drawn to iron-ore swaps as China play

Bernanke Dividend Boom Hits Private Equity Stocks: Street Whispers

Illinois SURS commits to private equity, to seek $1.5 billion in contributions

New Mexico endowment makes $225 million in alts commitments

China Private Equity to Trim the Fat

 Southeast Asia-A New Hot Spot for Private Equity?

 Survey Says: Entering And Exiting Are Toughest Challenges In PE

SEC Says 1,504 Advisors to Hedge Funds, Private Funds Now SEC-Registered


 Health insurers see rough commercial market conditions

Are Health Care Copays Going the Way of Dial Phone?

 1.2 Million Californians Have Lost Employer-Provided Health Care Benefits Since 2009

Top Ten Things To Know About Wellness

Is Risk of More Expensive LTC Insurance Rising or Falling? Pt. 1

The Actuarial Challenges of Pricing Health Insurance for the 2014 Exchanges

 Proportion of Those with High Medical Costs Unchanged During Recent Recession

Obamacare Here to Stay Even With GOP Victory, Analysts Say

Americans too confused by healthcare act to like it, survey finds

Georgia faces big decision on insurance exchanges

 Experts offer tips and tricks for translating benefits jargon into plain English

 New healthcare challenges coming in 2013

 Healthcare M&A Deal, Dollar Volume Dives in 3Q


 KU Endowment Association’s investments decline through first six months of 2012

 Student Organization Urges Cornell to Divest Endowment From Fossil Fuels

 College Endowment Returns Fall Steeply

 Case in point: An outsourcing model for nonprofit endowments


 HP 401(k) Eyed for ERISA Violations

Fiduciary standard on back burner, but still a hot-button issue

Principles vs. Rules: The Fiduciary Debate in a Nutshell

 Avoiding Pitfalls in Administering Retirement Plan Forfeitures




 16 Insurers See Ratings Updates

 Strong Financial Bounce-back for P&C Insurers in 2012

 Insurers must set aside more capital for mortgages: regulator

 Industry Dynamics and Competitive Landscape in the Chinese Life Insurance Industry to 2016: Market Profile

 Broker lifts lid on insurance industry’s ‘tricks’

 Experts Predicting Billions in Losses from ‘Frankenstorm’

 Knowledge Is Power for P&C Agencies Looking to Take On Life, Health and Employee-Benefits Business

 A.M. Best: Personal-Lines Insurers See Big Turnaround in 2012’s First Half


 Top IT Needs in the Private Equity and Investment Industries

Healthcare IT sector gets $ 194 mn VC funding in Sept quarter

The Cyber Attack on HSBC: What Happened

Weak passwords still commonplace, study finds