October 30, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 Why 401(K) Plans Don’t Work In This Market

 DC plan exec survey finds interest in retirement income

 New research shows retirees are bailing on 401(k)s earlier

Stable value industry: Either boom or bust

 Orbit to move to DC pension for auto-enrolment

 Target-Date Solutions: The Next Generation

 Knowing your 401(k) fees

 Survey of DC Plan Executives Finds Interest in Guaranteed Income Distribution Options

 Are Open MEPs Still Worth It

 Choosing the Optimal Level of Retirement Income: A Moving Target

 More Employers Using Auto-Escalation of 401(k) Employee Contribution Rates

 Are Your Employees Worried About Retirement?


 QE ‘not all bad for pensions’

 State, local races could affect pension funds, managers, retirees

 Amendments targeting public pension funds won’t reduce liabilities

DB schemes in three economies declined, but UK improves

 Considerations for Settling Pension Obligations

South Korea pension fund needs more contributions, new investments

 More pension funds see value investing in fixed-income ETFs

 Italy’s Banks Struggle on Cost Goals After Pension Age Raised

 Investing for Cash Balance Plans

 Linking Benefits to Investment Performance in U.S. Public Pension Systems


 Forex – Weekly outlook: October 29 – November 2

 U.S. Money Velocity At Historic Low

India’s macro economic environment remains challenging: Morgan Stanley

 Financial Shocks, Risk Premium, And Monetary Policy

 Increased Shale Oil Output Delivers Perfectly Timed Boost To Economy

 Money manager AUM growth takes a step back

 Consumer spending increased Q3 economic growth in U.S.

Nonfinancial companies saw revenues, cash flow increase in Q2

GLOBAL MARKETS: European Stocks Drop; Insurers Hit by Hurricane Sandy

 Economic outlook brightens for China

 Eurozone wins back confidence of U.S. money market funds

Sponsors Considering Investment Outsourcing Face Confusion

 Has the Fed’s Plan Backfired?

 Age, Account Balance Affect Allocation

TD Ameritrade survey: investors largely neutral about stocks


 Increasingly Profitable Dividend Stocks That Hedge Fund Are Buying

Hedge Funds Drawn to Fannie-Freddie Risk-Sharing Plan: Mortgages

 Hedge Fund Fees May Be Even Higher Than I Thought

 Eurozone hedge funds set for 12% contraction

 Why Institutional Investors Shy Away From Venture Capital

 Why Hedge Funds Are Losing to the S&P 500

 Private equity investment in real estate sector dips 15 percent


 Health care reform is inevitable, so is uncertainty

Innovating Medicaid for Healthcare Reform

Seven Factors Driving Up Your Health Care Costs

Partisanship Guides Americans’ Attitudes on Health-Care Reform Law: Poll

Health insurance industry dislikes health law but finds its repeal unnerving

 Can nurse practitioners do more?

 U.S. to Sponsor Health Insurance Plans Nationwide

 US employees to face health care sticker shock

 Bundled Payments to Health Care Providers Generate Modest Spending Reductions

 No Matter Who’s in the White House: Three Trends That Will Transform Healthcare

 Aon makes big bet on exchanges


Endowments growing again at most Indiana universities

 $1.5 mil. gift will fund math endowment at Purdue


 Fiduciary Liability Risks for Registered Investment Advisors

Coal Union Sues for Former Patriot Workers’ Benefits

 Sixth Circuit’s Fiduciary Duty Decision Is Good News for ERISA Section 3(38) Investment Managers

 Supreme Court Denies Review of Second Circuit Cases Adopting Moench Presumption for Fiduciaries of ERISA-Governed Plans


ISS Unveils Proposed 2013 Policies Focusing on Say-on-Pay Analysis

 Class Action Lawyers Achieve Victory in Executive Compensation Litigation


 European Insurers Drop as U.S. Prepares for Hurricane San

 Moody’s: credit impact of U.S. life insurers’ exposure to Europe is modest

 Insurers will likely have to up RBC for their MBS holdings


Aging Populations Mean Big Opportunities in Healthcare IT