October 31, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

 401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 401(k) and IRA Changes Coming in 2013

 Your Boss is Worried About Your Retirement

 5 keys to 401(k) plan engagement

 The Road to Retirement Security: Time Is Your Ally

 UK DB funded status improves

 How will variable annuities evolve as boomers seek retirement income?

 Participants Have Inaccurate View of TDFs

 Target-Date Funds Up in 3Q

 Is Dollar-Cost Averaging Overrated?

 Drinker Biddle Retirement Income Team Newsletter for October, 2012


 France’s baby-boom pensioners head back to job market

 Increase in pension fund investments makes for headwinds in Andean market

 Kentucky’s public pension plans face insolvency without major reforms, task force is told

 Mayor creates pension solutions team

 Pension reforms moving too slowly, union warns

 Dutch Decline of Pension Assets Set to Continue for Foreseeable Future

 The Looming Shortfall in Public Pension Funding

 PBGC Payments Mailed Ahead of Hurricane Sandy


 U.S. markets close for second day as Sandy makes landfall

Japan’s Post-Bubble Market Rallies And Bond Yields

 Hurricane Sandy: The Economic Impact

 A First Look At GDP For Q4 2012

Eurozone: Sentiment down in October

 Sandy Leads Pfizer, Others to Postpone Earnings

 Japan: Steep production decline

 German jobless claims rise by 20000 in October

 China’s Instability Offers Opportunities

 Allsup: unemployment rate increases for people with disabilities in 3Q

 World is becoming more business friendly, study finds


 How Not To Run A Hedge Fund

 Hedge Funds Focused On Middle East, Africa Seeing Inflows

Hedge Funds Returning to Palladium as ETPs Retreat: Commodities

 ‘Quant’ hedge funds headed for worst month since Aug 2007

 Asia Volatility at Six-Year Low Spurs Hedge Fund Wagers: Options

 Asia Hedge Funds Turn to Fixed Income

 Wall Street, Hedge Funds Brace For Hurricane Sandy

 Irish Central Bank Consults On Hedge Fund Rules

 Venture capital returns take a hit in 2nd quarter

 Hedge funds of funds out of the zone at AutoZone

 Private equity firms seek dividends as pension funds push for returns

 Private equity deals fall for 4th consecutive quarter, reports BDO


Benefits managers’ feelings on PPACA fall inside state lines

 Recent Studies and Commentary About Consumer-Directed Health Plans

 Medical Tourism Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Leaving the Country to Get Treatment

 Irresistible Forces: Cost of Healthcare Has Risen Four Times More Than Inflation Rate

 Extend Health Survey: 58% of Seniors Who Buy Private Medicare Plans on a Health Insurance Exchange Intend To Reevaluate Their Plans During the 2013 Annual Open Enrollment Period

 Health-Conscious Women are Sixty Percent More Likely to Prefer Popular Brand-Name Drugs, Even if They Cost More

Healthcare reform to put local clinics to test

Healthcare Cost Estimates Crucial to Retirement Income Planning

 Healthcare CFOs are more positive about the current state of industry, a new report finds


 Yale endowment returns pace Ivy League

 Vanderbilt endowment earns 1.3% for year

 Baylor president Starr wants stability, new ideas in top fundraising post


 US top court will not review John Hancock retirement plans

End of pension tax breaks would pay for ‘stupid stuff,’ says ASPPA boss

 SMM Required After Plan Change?




 Demand for M&A Protection Grows in Corporate World

Hurricane Sandy Could Cost Insurance Industry $10 Billion

 Hartwig: Insurers Financially Prepared for Sandy Claims

 Insurance companies able to absorb losses from Hurricane Sandy

Capital Model Embeddedness

Insurance sector moves towards more market-based pricing mechanisms

MassMutual pays record $1.39 billion in dividends to policy owners

Good Names on the Line


 Who’s Using What: Recent Insurance Software Solution Deals

 Maturing ECM Technology Tested by Increase in Data

 ADP Pushes Further into HR Software

 A Tech Nightmare for Advisors