November 5, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Think tank recommends ways to rein in military pay, benefits

Hartford Offers Buyout of Variable Annuity Contracts

401(k) auto-enrollment on the rise

Evolution of Advisors: Trends, Challenges in the Advice Industry

How to effectively communicate retirement plan changes

Low Rates of Return May Be ‘Devastating’ to Annuities

Middle-Income Americans Saving Less than 5% for Retirement


Greek court challenges pension reform plan

Three Ways That Your Pension May be Spent Before It Enters Your Bank Account

Corporate Pension Plans Outperform Public Plans in Third Quarter

GM transfers $25B in pension obligations to Prudential Insurance

Defined benefit schemes in decline

Pension age will keep rising to cover care costs

Actions by financially troubled   cities raises alarm from Moody’s

Presbyterian Healthcare in New   Mexico Halts Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Czech opposition tells banks to ignore gov’t pension reform

 Pension puzzle poses tough choices for workers


 Above The Campaign Spin: Charting The Economy’s Actual Performance, A Comparison

 Consumer-confidence gauge highest since 2008

 A Decent Week For Economic News

 ISM Manufacturing Business Activity Index Shows 2nd Month of Expansion

 It’s Still the Economy, Stupid: TD Ameritrade Poll Ahead of Election

 PIMCO’s El-Erian: 2 Things Government Must Do to Get Economy Moving

Key Job Indicator May Not ‘Improve’ Much More

 Asian Stocks Post Weekly Rise, Led by China Shares, on US Data

 Job Growth Shows Signs of Life, But Still Has a Long Way to Go

 Treasurys Recoup Most Losses as Stock Gain on Jobs Data Sputters

Dow Blasts Off On Upbeat Economic Data

 Sandy provides a lift for corporate bonds

U.S. business groups clash over response to “fiscal cliff”


 Hedge fund masters flunk money-making test

 Hedge Funds Poke Argentina In Court, Falklands

 Hedge Funds are Making Millions in Apparel, Can You Do The Same?

 Hedge funds suffer from outflows but remain attractive for Japanese institutions: hedge fund news, week 43

 Why Have Hedge Funds Underperformed in 2012?

Private Equity Outperformed Stocks, Bonds, Says Lobby Group

 Hedge Funds Love These 4 High-Growth Semiconductors

 Eurozone hedge funds set for 12% contraction

 Ohio Pensions Hire Three Hedge Funds


 From Texas to Vermont, state elections decide health care’s future

 Health care workers are refusing flu vaccinations and hesitant to offer them

 Health Coverage Shrinks for Young Retirees

 Can Sustainable Hospitals Help Bend the Health Care Cost Curve?

 Good health care shouldn’t start in emergency room

 Healthcare field adds 31000 jobs in October

 Is Risk of More Expensive LTC Insurance Rising or Falling? Pt. 2

 Are HSAs the new 401(k) plans?


 Harvard Eyes Benefits as Building Boom Outpaces Income

 Penn’s endowment return comes out ahead of national average

 CSU Fullerton launches $1M endowment campaign


 Tax Breaks Under Fire

 PBGC Focusing Enforcement Efforts, Aims to Bolster Health of Pension Plans

Middle-Income Americans Saving Less than 5% for Retirement

18 Critical New Policies and Procedures for 2012-2013

Detroit Police Fund Sues Investment Adviser


Compensation survey indicates banks have established a new normal

Executive benefits: Beyond COLI and split dollar

State workers paid above market

Weighing the Options for Informally Funding Nonqualified Benefits

Nonprofit exec pay tops $56M

DOL: Employment costs slow as companies hold the line on wages


The Benefits of Owning Insurance Company Stocks

Sandy Won’t Sandbag Insurance Sector

Agents & Brokers’ Surveys Find Slowly Improving Market Conditions

Property/casualty continues to firm in third quarter

Can Cuomo interfere in storm insurance contracts? Frankel

Presidential Politics and the P&C Industry

Equity Analysts Expect Higher Profitability from Insurers: Accenture Survey


Can Technology ‘Cure’ Health Care’s Future?

Worker’s Compensation Goes High Tech