November 15, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 T. Rowe: Investors prioritize retirement, but most not saving enough

Does Pru’s hiring of DOL big signal reg changes for stable value?

How Well Did 401(k) Plans Weather the Great Recession?

Retirement Benefits Remained Strong in Recession

A 401(k) That Promises Never to Run Dry

What Drives Adviser Productivity?

Employees Need to Aggressively Increase Their 401(k) Contributions

Weathering the Economic Storm: Retirement Plans in the United States, 2007-2012


Putin backs plan to cut Russian pension savings -agencies

Public pension funds face vast shortfall

Projected Postal Service Pension Surplus Shrinks

Study: Pensions not a panacea

Boeing Considers Pension Accounting Change

Are Additional Contributions Right for Your Company’s DB Plan?


 Pimco says average stock market returns to drop by half

ETF assets said to triple — yes, triple — by 2016

How I Created a Better Way to Choose Funds

Japan: Slip Sliding Away

Fiscal Cliff And Its Implications

Bejing, Politics, and the Institutional Investor

Global fund industry rebounds, total assets now $120 trln -report

M&A Deals in Q3 Slowest for 2012: Pershing


 How a SWF Picks a Hedge Fund – The Inside Track

Latest insider trading case focuses on hedge funds

Job cuts, regulation push bankers toward hedge funds

Ebb and flow of cash plays key role in hedge funds’ bets-report

Hedge Funds Beat S&P 500 During 1st Week Of Nov.

Game Over for Hedge Funds: Expect Disastrous Outflows at Just the Wrong Time

Private equity poised for push into Africa

Private equity: The ‘only way is up’ for an area with excellent growth prospects


 Tips to sidestep the health care-funding surtax

New Weight Loss Technologies Help Companies Curb Health Care Costs

A Solution to Our Big Health-Care Problem?

To Cure Health Care, We Must Think Bigger. Much Bigger.

LTC: Why don’t they plan?

Even fit baby boomers won’t escape heart problems

Out-of-Pocket Health Costs Keep Rising for Employees

Healthcare And Utilities Are The Current Safe Havens

States Given Extra Month for Health Exchange Blueprints

Employers Held Health Benefit Cost Growth to 4.1% in 2012

Budget Negotiators Get Options for $385B in Health Care Savings, Mostly Through Higher Premiums and Cutbacks to Providers

Employment and Benefits Issues in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy




 Should Advisors Have to Disclose All Pressures to Maximize Revenues?

Obama seeks higher taxes for wealthy and corporations

Regulators examine nontraditional metrics in earnings reports

IRS warns of chaos if AMT patch is not issued this year

Capping deductions wouldn’t cut deficit, Geithner says

IRS and PBGC Provide MAP-21 Guidance for Single-Employer Defined Benefit Plans


 New Study Finds Modest Gains in CEO Compensation At Community Colleges

Volume, Value, and Compensation Metrics

Workers compensation rates in Colorado to rise 5.2% in 2013


 Industry Reps Offer Varying Takes on States’ Hurricane Deductible Decision

Agents, Brokers See Sharp Employment Decline in September

New Product Allows Insurers to Share Claims Records, Cut Costs


 Europe Seeks Accord on Bank Regulation After Disagreement on Greek Debt

Small banks battle regulators on capital requirements

UK bank reform plan slammed for moral hazard risk

EU finance ministers discuss banking union


 The Consumerization of IT: What it Means for Insurers

Security and Insurers: Safe and Sound (for Now)

Doc Shortage Could Cause Healthcare Crash

On the road to healthcare interoperability -– are we there yet?