November 16, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 What is needed to make the 401(k) system work

An increase in 401(k) default rates can yield success

Target-Date Funds Grow in Popularity But Few Consumers Understand Them

Everything you never knew about 403(b) plans

Surprise! 401(k)s rode out the Great Recession just fine

What 30 years of 401(k) mistakes teach us

Disclosures Get Little Participant Attention; E-Communication May Help, Groups Say

Verisight/McGladrey Survey Finds Compensation, Retirement and Benefits Remain Stable as Uncertainty Prevails

Employers Doubt Retirement Readiness of 401(k) Participants

What’s the Price of Retirement Confidence?


Business group: Illinios pension problems too big too fix

Conflicts Abound at American Airlines’ Pension and 401(k) Plans

The U.S. Public Pension Crisis as Exemplified by Pennsylvania

Pension wind-up storm

Push to mark-to-market for pension plans grows

Report Slams Illinois Pension System as ‘Unfixable’

The Impact of Investing on Contribution Levels and Funding Status


Data Shows Economy Has Green Shoots From US to China

Deficit Reduction Deal: 3 Dueling Plans to Achieve It

Freddie Mac Releases 2012 November Economic and Housing Market Outlook

Fed is receptive to more bond buying, minutes indicate

Where—and Where Not—to Invest in 2013: Morgan, MFS Experts

Mutual fund investors shift money from stocks to bonds

Gold to Soar: Deutsche Bank

Effective Oversight of RFP Groups

Risky assets don’t equal riskier portfolio


 Compensation survey: global pay for hedge fund

Prominent Hedge Fund Q3 Buys And Sells

In China IPOs, the Upside of Scarcity for Private Equity


 Americans’ Continued Reluctance for Long Term Care Planning Evident in Genworth’s ‘2012 State of Planning’ Survey

16 items to think about before renewing benefits agreements

2012 Healthcare Satisfaction Benchmark Increases

Expected Health Care Costs During Retirement: $240,000

Wealth Strategies: Healthcare costs “wildly” underestimated

The Prevalence and Cost of Deductibles in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Employers Hold Back Health Benefit Costs

Wellness Top Health Benefit Cost-Cutting Strategy

Patient Moves 10 Miles, Sees Health Premium Go Up 25%

Health insurers are shifting focus to costs

Threading the needle: Tips for tailoring wellness programs to specific employee needs




 President Obama v GOP Congress: What Could It Mean For Your Tax Bill?

Expert foresees end-of-year rush to implement tax avoidance strategies

Re-election fallout: Reduced hours, reduced payrolls and increased prices

Debt, Taxes And Politics: A Perspective On Federal Tax History

More retail jobs could be created if tax rate were lowered

DeKaser: Raising Taxes Will Lessen Blow of Fiscal Cliff

Toyota Agrees to $25.5 Million Settlement with Maryland Pension Fund, Other Investors Over Stock Drop

Regulators seek changes in how money-market funds operate


Using Executive Compensation to Chase Stars

Can Huge CEO Golden Parachutes Hurt You?

Workers’ compensation: When can employer terminate a worker with a claim?

Workers compensation line of business sees 10% growth in premium volume

Employee Compensation Pushes More CA Cities Toward Bankruptcy


Regulatory Update: Get Ready for January Requirements

RMS: Sandy Insured Losses Could Reach $25b

S&P: Sandy Would Need to Be $50B Event to Erode Reinsurers’ Capital Base

N.J. Commissioner Satisfied with Industry’s Sandy Response So Far


Greek Banks Are Turning a Corner

Will Greek crisis leave banks stronger?


Business Case Needed for Investment in Modern Core Systems

Connecticut Well-Positioned to Remain Insurance Capital: Report