November 20, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Poll shows Americans skittish about retirement

Groups Defend 401(k) Plans’ Tax Incentives

401(k) Participants Less Active in October

Boomer and senior markets look to safer portfolios

To Auto-Enroll or Not to Auto-Enroll

Old school: The 401(k) paper chase


Fitschen Says Germans Should Invest Deposits in Pensions

Accounting Measures Poised to Raise Pension Liabilities

The Great Recession: Pressures on Public Pensions, Employment Relations and Reforms

PBGC’s Joshua Gotbaum Wants to Fix Retirement System, Not Just His Agency

Pension cuts could boost state’s Social Security costs

Postal Service Posts Record Loss, Wants Pension Cash Freed Up

Firefighters’ plan offers to help pay down pension liability

Text of PBGC Annual Report for 2012

Pennsylvania Pension Costs to Wreck Balanced Budget in Coming Years

Professor Munnell Tells the Real Story of Public Pensions


U.S. Economic Trend Update

Economic Reports for the Week Ahead

Pace of U.S. business investment drops

World Markets Weekend Review: 7 Big Declines, 1 Major Gain

World Economic Climate Continues to Decline: ICC/Ifo Survey

European Markets Looking Positive for 2013

FHA posts $16.3B loss

Corporate giants get contracts meant for small businesses

Advisers Most Concerned With Risk Mitigation

Real Estate: Data Still Looking Good

Pyxis Capital: ‘Shift From High Yield to Floating Rate’

Corporate Bonds and US Equities Feel Investors’ Mood Swings

Liberating Money Funds

ETFs & Taxes: A Deeper Look


Private equity investments up 4% in Q3: PwC study

10 most-popular stocks among hedge funds

Microfinance Growing in Attraction to Private-Equity

Hedge Funds Cut Bets in Longest Retreat Since 2008: Commodities

Hostess: Private Equity is Unlikely to Bite

Private equity investment returns double

This $14 Billion Hedge Fund Indicator is Flashing ‘Sell’

Hedge Fund 13F Filings 2012 Q3 Database and Returns


Don’t write off employer-sponsored health care yet

Remaking Health Care: Change the Way Providers Are Paid

Private health insurance premiums to rise up to $150

A Middle Way: What States Should Build Instead of Obamacare’s Health Insurance Exchanges

Economist Stuart Altman Tasked With Huge Challenge of Bringing Down Massachusetts Health Costs

Employers Weigh Options Under Healthcare Reform

Hospital cuts add to oversupply of health-care workers

Want To Fix Healthcare? Acknowledge That It’s the Responsibility Of the Individual

Workers shopping for health plans

Location-Based Flu Shot Savings

States given more time to decide on health exchange plan

Post-Election ACA Implementation: What Employers Should Be Thinking About for 2013

Communicating benefits still a work in progress: survey

How Does Your Company’s Benefit Program Stack Up Against Your Competitors’?


Put Your Endowment Money Where Your Mission Is


A Common Plan Mistake: Failure to Timely Allocate Forfeitures

U.S. companies don’t pay enough taxes, EU nations say

EuroCrisis: More Taxes to Come

D.C.-watcher expects Congress to fix easy fiscal cliff issues, punt on others

Getting a Second Wind, DOL Likely to Breathe Harder on ERISA Advisers

Cap deductions rather than raise tax rates

401(k) Lawsuits, Investment Advisers and Fiduciary Breach

IRS Relaxes Retirement Plan Loan and Hardship Distribution Rules for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Europe plans action on corporate tax avoidance

Advisers warn against tax-driven decisions

Nationwide poll: tax code changes concern affluent investors


Beware of Section 409A Traps in Employment Agreements


U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Executives See a Need to Modernize and Increase Flexibility of Claims Systems, According to an Accenture Survey

Insurance Capital Thresholds Increased


Banks push to keep bailout-era lifeline

Spain’s Banking Problems Are a Global Reality

Shadow Banking Grows to $67 Trillion Industry

Expect more consolidation among state’s small banks

Investment Banking Blues

Bank ETFs Rocket In 2012 But The Rally Isn’t Over


The Grill: Healthcare CIO Catherine Bruno

Top Technology Trends for 2013