November 21, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

 MassMutual Finds Younger Participants Now the Majority

 A 401(k) That Promises Never to Run Dry

 These tools can help boost 401(k) participation

Adults Prefer Retirement Information on Paper

Many Not Preparing Well for Retirement

Why rising 401(k) balances may not be enough

To Auto-Enroll or Not to Auto-Enroll

The Choice 401(k) Investors Must Make Before They Choose

Variable Annuity Sales Fall Most in 12 Quarters

Tories want Ontario public sector pensions changed to defined contribution

Forecast 2013: Retirement Industry Changes to Come


NY pension fund back above $150 billion

The Impact of Long Vesting Periods on State and Local Workers

U.S. Public Plan Funding Slips, Asset Values Rise in Fiscal 2011

Pension Fund Gains Mean Worker Pain as Aramark Cuts Pay

The fight over pensions in San Jose

Cities, Bankruptcy Law and Pension Payments

Corbett stresses pension crisis in 2013 agenda

Jacksonville declares impasse in pension talks with police union

Groups Reject PBGC’s Call to Set Premiums

Four Costly Mistakes that Retirees Make about Social Security


Economic Indicators Still Point to Weak 2013

Mutual Funds Net $15B of Inflows in October

Strategic Insight: stock and bond funds appreciate by $1 trillion in 2012

Market is driving toward sustainability reporting

The Takeaway: Bulls going all in, investors racing against tax Y2K and more

How attractive are munis right now?

Greenspan: ‘Markets Will Crater’ With Fiscal Cliff

The Failure of Follow-On Offerings

Retail chains seek to win back Internet buyers

France loses AAA rating from Moody’s

Sales of existing U.S. homes increase

Bond covenants weaken as demand rises, Moody’s says

Monte Carlo Simulation: Beware of This Mistake, Advisors!

China’s Economy: Two Views, Both Bad for Europe


Don’t Look for Private Equity to Save Hostess

Chicago Teachers mulls expulsion of hedge fund investments

Hedge Fund News: John Paulson, Eddie Lampert, Tiger Global

Will Hedge Funds Be Wrong Again?

Why Argentina refuses to pay hedge funds

How Hostess Failed: Hedge Funds vs Unions

Junk to the rescue


Five Republican Governors Reject State-Run Health Markets

Health vs. Wealth: Are Employees Making the Right Benefits Choices?

Can the IRS Handle All That Obamacare Requires?

Healthcare 411 website provides fast, free, dependable health information

Lawmakers face health care challenges head-on: from the public

Advocates of Medical Marijuana Face Another Hurdle: Health Insurance Coverage

Profiles of Health Care Systems in the United States and 14 Other Countries

Out-of-Network Bills for In-Network Health Care

Oklahomans Split On Healthcare Exchange Decision

New Health Care Flexible Spending Account Rules for 2013 But Use-It-or-Lose-It Rule Still on the Books

50 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare


Endowment increasingly important to UC San Diego


Replacing a non-ERISA with an ERISA Plan

Getting a Second Wind, DOL Likely to Breathe Harder on Investment Advisers

Taxes: Why Tinkering Beats Wholesale Overhaul

SEC ramps up oversight of exchanges

SEC Filed 147 Actions Against Advisers

Averting Fiscal Cliff Requires Special Type of Leadership

Plan Sponsors Need to Use Internal Controls

Taxation: US offshore crackdown brings planning worries

Europe Seeks More Taxes From US Multinationals


CEO and senior executive compensation

Has the Executive Benefits Pendulum Swung Too Far?

ISS Policy Updates for 2013: Golden Parachutes and Realizable Pay


CFA: Insurers May Deny Sandy Fire Claims in Queens

Stock Picks: Travelers Companies stands out among insurance firms

UK insurance industry gears up for European gender ruling impact

Infrastructure Damage Could Drive Sandy Losses Higher Than Current Estimates

Blue Cross asks regulators to approve merger

National Flood Insurance Program Interest on the Rise after Sandy


Credit Suisse splits investment banking

The Bankers Are Way Ahead Of The Regulators

Five Steps to Fix Shadow Banking

Bank Lending Continues To Expand

Italy banking outlook negative as asset quality slides: Moody’s


Collision Avoidance Technology on NTSB’s Most Wanted List for 2013

Tech Investment Still Rising, Despite Wall Street Journal Story