December 3, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Actuaries Seek to “Save” 401(k) Plans from Tax Reform

Gen Y seeks savings advice in face of down economy

Tax Subsides for 401(k)’s Work, But Not for the Reasons You May Think

Limits of Advice: Why the Brokerage Model Still Has Financial Advantages

Challenges That Can Derail Your Retirement

Employees Trust Financial Advice from Employers

401(k) Fees: You’ll Pay Now or Pay Later, But You Will Pay

“Annuitizing” a 401(k) – Options for Plan Sponsors and Participants

J.P. Morgan Asset Management Finds Some Target Date Funds Overlook Critical Factors

Substituting For Stable Value Funds


10 Best & Worst State Pension Systems

Digging out from hole of pension underfunding

Corporate pension group wants temporary funding measures made permanent

Liability Driven Investing Is Progressing

A Plan to Save for Retirement in 10 Years, but It’s Not Without Risks

Verizon retirees sue to stop transfer of pensions

Managing Pension Assets in the Context of Risk Tolerance

Spain Puts Pension Payments on Austerity

Warning over pension tax changes

Teachers across Georgia chase pension increase out the door

Pension reforms facing tough questions over funding

Federal Agency Takes Over 2 RG Steel Pension Plans


Is European Money Growth Helping Stoke U.S. Inflation?

U.S. Stocks Overpriced, Even With Fiscal Cliff Deal

The Third-Quarter GDP Revisions – Better, But Not By Much

Monetary Policy Update

ECRI Says Recession Began In July, Rising SPY Could Point To A Recovery Ahead

Cliff fight may knock out December rally

One man’s junk

Here’s More Proof of China’s Economic Rebound

3 Scenarios for Bonds if Bernanke Leaves: Pioneer’s Wardwell

Restarting the U.S. Small-Business Growth Engine

“Fiscal cliff” talks are getting nowhere, Boehner says


Jefferson National Adds Alternative Investments to Help ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Anxiety

What Will Bring Private Equity Back?

Why Private Equity ‘Collusion’ Is Not Always a Danger

Hedge Funds May Hold Back Greek Bond Plan, Nomura Says

Hedge Funds, Expecting a Bigger Buyback, Snap Up Greek Debt

US private equity firms facing stiff competition from global markets

US to provide $50m to SMEs through private equity funds

Sprightly Young Hedge Funds: Older Isn’t Always Wiser

Emerging-Markets Hedge Funds Hit Record Levels in Q3

Hedge Fund November Performance

Hedge funds feel squeeze of tighter bank curbs

Private equity: Alternative firms swoop on periphery assets


Survey Finds Young Adult Grandchildren Motivate Grandparents to Stay Healthy

AMA: 70% of commercial insurance markets are anti-competitive

Healthcare Workers Personally Confident; Uncertain About the Job Market

Deadly ‘superbugs’ invade US health care facilities

Insurers join former adversaries to publicize health law

Gallup: Americans turn on government-guaranteed health care

Launching a ‘Winning’ Wellness Contest

A Wrap Plan Can Be Helpful for Your Health & Welfare Benefits

Feds propose 3.5 percent fee on insurers who want to participate in new health care markets

Bringing Healthcare Home From the Hospital

Employers Using Several Strategies to Control Health Care Costs

5 reasons to shop for new Medicare coverage

Commentary: Biometric data more useful than HRA info

Plenty of healthcare issues beyond the ACA deserve Congress’ full attention

More Workers Covered by Bosses’ Self-Insured Plans

An Outside the Box Approach to Patient Satisfaction

Prescription Drug Prices Continue to Soar


Aid Changes Raise Issue of Diversity at Colleges

Yale Style: More Exclusive Than Ever

Bankrupt Lon Morris College Looks to Endowment to Pay Off Debts


Does Government Want To Drain Americans’ 401(k) Plan?

Be Careful Not to “Float” into an ERISA Violation

Residents Are Fleeing High Taxes In These 5 States

FINRA to Mull Broker Compensation Disclosure Rule

Internet sales taxes attack states’ rights

Taxes lower for most now than in 1980s

Governmental Individually Designed Retirement Plans Given More Time to Restate Documents


‘Fiscal Cliff’ Fears Probably Won’t Make Bonuses Come Faster

Hospital Executive Pay Continues to Rise — But Why?

Atherton council cuts compensation of non-union workers, but nothing final yet

Hostess Speaks: Why Its Executives Deserve Bonuses

New York Life report: few Americans willing to forgo quality time for a pay raise

Opinion: Excessive Executive Comp Hurts The Economy


Fitch Releases U.S. Title Insurance Industry 2013 Outlook

Experts Fear Life Insurers Are Courting Reserve Risk

New life insurance rules may have dramatic impact on industry

Basel III a Bad Fit: Insurance CFOs

New York Governor Imposes Rules to Speed Up Sandy Insurance Claims

Liability Insurers’ Performance Beginning to Deteriorate

Industry Continues Offensive on Proposed Fed Regulations at Hearing

Fitch cuts Argentine insurance companies after sovereign downgrade

Best Commercial Carriers by Key Factors


BofA Puts Consumer Banking Fees on Hold, Others Get Creative

Some Banks Hoping To Be Too Small To Fail

Gold: Solution to the Banking Crisis


Cloud Strategy Decision-making: Evidence of Closer IT/Business Alignment?

Healthcare CIOs Could Face Heat In Electronic Health Record Backlash

Why Windows 8 may be the ideal tablet OS for healthcare

Tech Workers See Opportunity as Health Care Law Kicks In

Flexible Systems the Focus for Claims Technology