December 5, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Americans Rethinking Retirement Funding

Mary Beth Franklin: Pre-retirees seek return of principal — not return on principal

One-Third of Americans Not Saving for Retirement

Is Comprehensive Advice in 401(k) Plans Really So Hard?

Upper Middle Class Delays Retirement — A Look at the Road Ahead

Survey: Only one-third of Americans actively contributing to retirement plan

The Impact of Fee Disclosure Regs on 403(b) Plan Sponsors and Participants

DC Accounts Recovered from Recession

Income, Fixed Annuity Sales Rise Amidst Retirement Crunch

Retirement Plans in Crosshairs of Federal Deficit Reduction Efforts

The Value of Benchmarking Your Retirement Plan

403(b)s Report Little Impact from Fee Disclosure

Caution is Watchword for Older Savers’ Strategies

Measuring Stable Value Risk Structures

Who gains most from 401(k) tax breaks?

What post-mortems of lost 401(k) and 403(b) deals tell advisors about how plan sponsors think — and price, not so much


Judge allows suit challenging pension plan

How Retirement Provisions Affect Tenure of State and Local Workers

Retirees sue to save pension

US Airways Pilots First to Investigate PBGC-Trusteed Pension

Defined Benefit Plan Issues: – American Benefits Council

Pensions – The Sucking Sound Returns

Current Public Pension Investment Policy Is Dangerously Risky

Supreme Court shuns State Street’s effort to halt GM stock lawsuit

Barro: RI came closer than most but didn’t fix pension problem

Pensions key to wealth of UK’s richest


Euro Benefits From Positive Global Economic Data

The True Cost Of Austerity

Market Valuation, Inflation And Treasury Yields: Clues From The Past

“Fiscal cliff” fears blunt hiring, economists say

Do Economic Indicators Show U.S. in Recession?

U.S. manufacturing activity and factory orders decline

Corporations lack cash in U.S. but hold money offshore

‘Kaboom’ coming


How much do hedge-fund managers make? Tons more than mutual fund managers

Hedge Funds: Victims of the Financial Crisis, or Not?

Asian hedge fund industry faces challenges ahead

Hedge Funds Win as Europe Will Pay More for Greek Bonds

Nobel Prize to Get Hedge Fund Boost After Awards Sink 20%

Survey: Investors Worried About Insider Trading And Regulatory Exams

Private equity firms battle for funds


Titanic Warnings for Healthcare

IRS issues guidance on 0.9% Medicare surtax

Health Reform-Related Due Diligence Considerations for Buyers 

Some Health Exchange Plans to Mirror Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

Insurers join former adversaries to publicize health law

States eye PPACA Medicaid money

More Employers Are Offering at Least One Voluntary Product, According to Eastbridge MarketVisionTM Report.

Insurers to Pay Fees in States Rejecting U.S. Health Law

Health Insurers Gear Up To Sell Directly To Consumers

Unaffordable cost seen for some under PPACA

Benefits at the edge of the ‘fiscal cliff’: 4 areas to watch

Obamacare Threatens Health Care Cost Containment

Retention, engagement ride on a well-communicated benefits plan

Agencies Issue Proposed Wellness Regs

Xboxification of Healthcare

Healthcare Workers Personally Confident; Uncertain About the Job Market

Incentives, Commitments and Habit Formation in Exercise: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Workers at a Fortune 500 Company

More ACA Provisions Take Effect in 2014: What Employers Should be Thinking About Now

Healthcare analytics market to reach $10.8 billion by 2017?

Flu vaccination rates hold steady for health workers, public

The Huge (And Rarely Discussed) Health Insurance Tax Break


California Gov. Calls to Pensions, SWFs, Endowments for High-Speed Rail

Harvard’s New Merger Arbitrage Position, Endowment Investing


Fidelity: Majority of Retirees Have Not Taken RMDs for 2012

Fiduciaries Have Duty to Understand Provider Agreements

Be Careful Not to “Float” into an ERISA Violation

SEC Will Pursue Fiduciary Rule in 2013

Tax on Dividend-Paying Stocks Rising to 74%

Internal Auditors Want Larger Budgets for 2013

ERISA Plan Effect on Non-ERISA Plan Status


11 Latest Hospital Executive, Physician Compensation Stories

Companies Push Back on Executive Compensation Perceptions

C-Suite Compensation Remains Taboo

Workers’ Compensation Benefits — What are Your Options?


Auto Insurance Consumers Shop for Price, if They Shop at All

FEMA Reps Bracing for Consumer Backlash When NFIP Actuarial Rates Phased In

S&P: Macroeconomic headwinds linger for North American life insurers


EU Financial Ministers Clash Over Banking Supervisor Plan

Europe Still Needs Banking Harmony

The Evolution Of US And UK Central Banking

US bank industry posts highest quarterly earnings since 2006


Is Blocking Employee Access to Social Media Solving Anything?

SAP Solution Helps Insurers Deal with Solvency II Requirements

Tangled web

Fraud Detection Software Increasingly Important

Prepping for the Big Data Future