December 10, 2012

by The Morning Pulse

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Will IBM’s 401(k) Change Spur Others to Follow? |

Will U.S. Kick 401(k) Subsidies Off Cliff?

Top Trends in the Retirement Plans Industry

Benefits Leader Reins In 401(k)s

Higher Ed. Plan Sponsors Looking to Simplify

Retirement Readiness: Designing an Impactful Program

Survey: most consumers could be motivated to save more

Stable Value Funds: A Disclosure Dilemma

Senators Sign Resolution to Protect Retirement Tax Incentives

6 Tips for Year-End Reviews of Retirement Plans: ING

Defined Contribution Plan Issues: The Fiscal Cliff and Beyond 

Income Annuities Are a Coming Trend

IBM Changes 401(k) Matches, Workers Fume

2012 Generational Research: Retirement Readiness


American pilots accept contract with pension freeze provision

Modifying Public Pensions Better than DC Switch

Milliman: Higher discount rate fuels November cut in corporate pension deficit

How Much You Will Get if Your Pension Fails

Mercer lists top pension management risks for 2013

Pension envy for employees not on the government’s dime

Verizon/Prudential Pension-Risk Transfer Survives Court Challenge

Boomers with Pensions Still Face Uncertainty

Cities and pensions

Mercer Gives Pension Risk Management Tips

NYC’s public pensions could help finance post-Sandy fixes

Verizon Claims Pensions Would be Safer Under Prudential

Tail-risk hedging: A sensible strategy for defined benefit plans?

The Relationship Between Pension Funding and Size of the Working Population


Moody’s Will Downgrade The U.K. And The U.S.

Latest Debt, GDP Figures Indicate U.S. Economy Is Still Unwell

Dueling Forecasts: ISM Manufacturing And Services Indexes

European Rate Cut Could Add to Investor Woe

A Field Guide To Deciphering Friday’s Monthly Jobs Report

Household Net Worth: The ‘Real’ Story

Investors predict big drop in Dow if “fiscal cliff” deal doesn’t happen

U.S. economy added 146,000 jobs in November

Goldman Sachs predicts commodity ‘renaissance’

Managing Pension Assets in the Context of Risk Tolerance

Major fund managers cut exposure to investment-grade debt

ECB forecasts eurozone contraction through 2013

Mutual fund ratings not all they’re cracked up to be


IndexIQ: Hedge Funds Up 0.39% In Nov.

Lack of Knowledge a Barrier to Using Alts

Reversal On Hedge Fund Redemptions

The Big Private Equity Sale to … Private Equity

Hedge Funds Rose Last Month as Cohen’s SAC, Winton Gained

Greece Faces Off With Hedge Fund Investors Ahead Of Buyback Scheme

Hedge funds raise bets on US oil price for 3rd week: CFTC

Merger Arbitrage Hedge Funds Struggle in 2012

10 REITs Absolutely Adored By Hedge Funds

Private equity: the last frontier

Hedge fund growth slows amid new regs, weak returns

Fidelity And Blackstone’s Offer Hedge Fund Options To Retail Investors

More Hedge Funds Shut Down


Study says prevention worth double for those with chronic conditions

HHS defines ‘essential health benefits’ under PPACA

Facing sky-high LTC costs, clients nurse Medicaid hopes

Transitional Reinsurance Program Results in Significant New Costs for Group Health Plans

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Bill To Set Up Health Care Insurance Exchange

CBO Says It Saw No Sign Congress Meant to Limit Health Exchange Subsidy

Health exchange bidding comes alive

Employers’ Use of Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons from Massachusetts

Fitch: Rating Outlook Remains Stable for U.S. Health Insurance and Managed Care Sector

Change Healthcare: When Taking into Consideration Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Expenses, CDHPs Can Save Most Employees Money

Inside The Dramatic Collapse Of Greece’s Healthcare System

Choice and Decision-Making in a Health Insurance Exchange: What Does Research and Experience Tell Us? 

More education on HDHPs needed to promote preventive care

Opting Out of Coverage Seen Creating Employee Backlash

Health Disparities Cost U.S. Economy $82B in Higher Healthcare Spending and Lost Productivity

Health insurance methods to shift in post-PPACA world

Red Lobster’s Obamacare Fail: Why Ditching Health Benefits Is Really Hard

Long-Term Care Policies Unpacked


The Selfish Side of Philanthropy 

Swarthmore students protest endowment from fossil fuels

Harvard’s Top 5 Endowment Managers Make Almost As Much As 450 Professors Combined

As Israel’s economy grows, more Israelis are giving to charity

Why Billionaires Are Giving More Now

Join the next generation of doing good – philanthropy 2.0

NCAA task force sets timeline for endowment fund 


Dollar cap on deductions would have ‘devastating impact’ on charitable giving

Get rid of the muni tax break? Then get ready for higher property taxes

Labor Union President Convicted of Pension Theft

Fiscal Cliff Stalemate Weighs on CPAs

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board: Auditing the Auditors

Small Businesses Dangle From ‘Cliff’

Tax Experts: China May Crack Down on Capital Gains

Wealthy individuals rush to maximize 2012’s tax certainty

Borzi: DOL to Offer New Version of Fiduciary Rule in ‘Several Months’


Bonuses and raises top employees’ wish lists for holidays, 2013

More Employers Say NQDC Helps with Retention

Patient satisfaction playing a bigger role in hospital CEO pay

Equity Compensation – The Ups and Downs of ISOs

2012 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Survey Results 


Auditor gives Knoxville’s financial state clean bill of health

Auditor says audits, state business hindered by major agencies

AICPA survey highlights CPAs’ tech expertise


Insurance Marketing Gets Tougher; Study Shows Best Opportunities

The life insurance fiscal cliff: The end of a tax-preferred product class?

Greenberg: Tread Carefully in Emerging Markets

P&C Composite Rates Rise 5% in November

Fitch: Insurance Broker Revenue to Remain Stable in 2013


Off the Charts: Is the Banking Crisis Over?

Commercial Banking Industry Continues To Shrink

More Graduates Shun Investment Banking 


Why Healthcare Data Breaches Are a C-Suite Concern

How did European bank malware steal $47 million?

Taxation of Cloud Computing Varies Among States, NYU SALT Panelists Say

Technology, Claims Segmentation Enhance Fraud Detection

Data Breach at Nationwide Leaves 1.1 Million at Risk