January 14, 2013

by The Morning Pulse


401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Happy Retirement?

Employers hungry for returns when updating 401(k) menus

Dig Deep When Selecting Target-Date Funds for Your 401(k) Account

Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawals Have Both Benefits and Risks, But Regulation Varies Across States

Research on Diversity Among Plan Participants Clarifies DC Plan Issues, Offers Solutions

Retirement Concerns Plague Nonprofit Employees

Optimal Rules for DC Plans: What Can We Learn from the U.S. and Australian Pension Systems?


U.S. Corporate DB Plan Funding Edges Up in 2012

26,500 Postal Service Workers Accept Buyout Offers

Olivia Mitchell: Saving Social Security, With Lessons From Down Under

Pension Annuitization Attractiveness Up for New Year

Pension Lump Sums Must Account for COLAs


Jobless claims point to steady labor market improvement

Monetary policy drives bond market asymmetry

Managed Volatility Investing a Growing Trend

Weekly stock mutual inflows hit $7.5B, highest since 2001

Fed gives U.S. a record $88.9B

Food costs help push China’s inflation rate up 2.5%

Technology mishaps become more frequent on U.S. exchanges

Fidelity may start daily NAV reporting for money funds

ECB leaves rate unchanged with a view to 2013 recovery


Hedge funds gain 6%-7% in 2012, but trail stock market indexes

The Biggest Dealmakers in Private Equity

Hedge Funds Gain Steam Amid Fiscal Cliff Fears


How the ACA May Affect Your Employer’s Health Care Plan

Wellness Programs Get Booster Shot from Feds

Electronic Records Systems Have Not Reduced Health Costs, Report Says

Obesity, Lack of Insurance Cited in U.S. Health Gap

Study: Overwhelming majority want customizable benefits

3 signs your wellness strategy will fail

Stabilizing U.S. Health Spending While Moving Toward a High Performance Health Care System


Meaningful philanthropy, indeed 

President Putin: Restore Openness to Nonprofit Involvement

Data Are Transforming Philanthropy and the Social Economy


At Top of the List of Executive Compensation Issues for 2013: Strike Suits

Transparency and Total Compensation: Should Employers Be Doing More?

Director Compensation: A Survey of Certain Practices at Emerging Growth Companies



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