January 25, 2013

by The Morning Pulse


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January 25, 2013

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Why Are ‘Demographics’ Important to the Selection of Target Date Funds?

Eight Hot Topics for Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Sponsors in 2013

Wealthier Plan Participants Turn to Outside Advisers

Considerations When Selecting a Plan Provider

Good Question: Is The 401(k) Program A Success Or Failure?


Rating Company Says Florida Supreme Court Decision Upholding Pension Changes Is Positive for State and Local Governments

Unseen Pension Obligations Can Undo “Healthy” Economies, Investors Warned

Court Agrees with PBGC Denial of Shutdown Benefits

Coca Cola to discuss pension contribution hike with unions next week

How Do Public Pensions Invest? A Primer

Can Pensions Get Better Returns on Bonds?

General Dynamics, United Technologies both plan pension contributions


Improving Economic Indicators Fuel A January Market Surge

IMF: Global economic growth is slower but risks are lower

Arnott, Coming Soon: Economic Disaster in 3D—Debt, Deficits, Demography

Japan’s Easing Threatens Currency War, Bundesbank Warns

Money Fund Disclosure Could Aid Treasurers

NFIB index of business optimism rose in December


Hedge Funds Increase Gold Allocation, Cover Yen Shorts

Want an Extra 10.8% Return on PE? Invest Big.


Developments of Interest to Employers That Provide Health Coverage, First Quarter 2013

New Health Insurance Product Pits Hospitals vs. Employers

Should Health Insurance Offer ‘Safe-Consumer’ Premium Incentives Like Car Insurance?

Former officials tell hedge funds: Be ready for the regulators

Essential Health Benefits Rule Might Not Have ‘Teeth’

5 tips for building better employee health fairs

HMO-Like Plans May Be Poised To Make Comeback In Online Insurance Markets

Small-Employer Responses to ACA Provisions Extending Employee Insurance Coverage


Like Harvard, Middlebury Endowment Debates Fossil Fuels


How California is Reforming Hospital CEO Pay

Scrutiny of hospital executive pay intensifies 


House suspends national debt limit

Fiduciary Fitness Requires Training, or At Least the DOL Thinks So

Defending your life: Tax reform and the inside buildup

House panel reportedly will release financial-product tax changes

Dodd-Frank is less than half implemented, GAO says

U.S. Securities Fraud Class Actions Tumble

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