February 4, 2013

by The Morning Pulse


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February 4, 2013

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Percentage of Americans delaying retirement increases

Tax the rich — and limit retirement contributions? It doesn’t add up.

Senate Committee Asks: Are Workers Saving Enough for Retirement?

Will concerns hamper guaranteed annuity use in retirement plans?

Solving the Annuity Puzzle: Low Use of Lifetime Distributions


Participants Lack Standing to Challenge Defined Benefit Plan Investment Decisions

Strengthening Social Security: What Do Americans Want? 

Pension Plan Investment Management by Local Governments, 2007-2011

California Turns Corner With Upgrade as Pensions Choke Illinois

Pensions Taking On Too Much Illiquidity Risk?

Interest Rate Pressures on Pensions Wipe Out Billions in Company Profits

Most pension assets vulnerable to conflicts of interest

State Pension Plans Better Funded Than Local Counterparts


Despite Fall in GDP, U.S. Economic Fundamentals Show Forward Momentum

U.S. economy added 157,000 jobs; unemployment rate is 7.9%

Fed paper highlights investor dynamics

REIT Outperformance to Continue in 2013

Wall Street gets off to record start in terms of CMBS

Emerging Market Fund Flows Up For 21 Straight Weeks

2 Major Threats Facing The U.S. Economy

Corporate Bond Markets Move In Advance Of Further Interest Rate Increases

Michigan Consumer Sentiment Beats Expectations


Private equity industry in crisis: Six new ideas for a comeback

Canadian hedge funds’ growth dreams face tough reality

Hedge fund managers say investors are constantly faced with information overload

Rethinking the Term ‘Private Equity’


Selling Health Insurance by the Pound: Charging Lower Premiums for Healthier Employees

Health IT Startups Make VCs Swoon

Some Families Who Can’t Afford Coverage on the Job Won’t Get Government Money to Buy Health Coverage

Only 11 States and D.C. Have Taken Action to Implement the ACA 2014 Health Insurance Market Reforms

Few Americans Switch Employer Health Plans for Better Quality, Lower Costs

Health Management Remains Attractive Benefit As Employers Prepare To Meet Reform’s Changes

Report Faults High Fees for Out-of-Network Care

Consumers Share Long-term Care Preferences

Only 38 Percent Feel Positive About Health Reform

Federal Reserve Economist Steps Into Dispute on Geographic Differences in Health Spending

NAHU: Individual mandate regs signal ‘great opportunity’ for brokers

Workers Planning to Work Longer to Keep Health Coverage 


Endowment Returns Fail To Keep Up With College Spending Needs

Harvard Should Put Its Endowment into an Index Fund

New study sheds light on philanthropy habits of wealthy

In a Volatile Economy, Colleges’ Endowment Returns Fall Flat

Year-by-Year Comparison of College Endowments, 2007-12 

Payroll-Tax Increase Will Take Bite Out of Giving, Survey Says


Compensation and Benefits Costs Rose During Fourth Quarter of 2012

How Executive Compensation Drives Corporate Motivation


Emboldened Borzi Is Back

Proponents of swaps and futures lock horns at CFTC hearing

Fiduciary proposal seen coming, adviser SRO seen slipping into oblivion

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