February 28, 2013

by The Morning Pulse


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February 28, 2013

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

How Do Employers Affect 401(k) Performance?

Capping Top Earners’ 401(k) Benefit Seen as Cost Cutter

Better Ways to Promote Saving Through the Tax System 

Brookings Proposes Double Tax on 401(k) Contributions

Pensions and Retirement Security 2013: A Roadmap for Policy Makers

Yet Another Independent Study Highlights High Conflict-of-Interest Cost to Retirement Investors

More companies look to shed — not just reduce — retirement liability

Limiting 401(k) Subsidies: Smart Deficit Reduction or Dumb Double Taxation?

401(k) Plan Fees Declining


Americans Want New Pensions

Cost of transferring pension liabilities to insurance drops

International Pension Plan Market Expands Rapidly

Auditor raises flags about Utah retirement system

Naperville to use budget surplus for pensions


Fed will stick with bond-buying program, Bernanke says

U.S. home prices post biggest advance in 6 years

European transaction tax could have worldwide effect

Financial industry is recovering

Banking Soaks Up Too Much Capital

Fewer parents saving for college and at lower amounts

Then and now: The percentage of young people living at home


Two-Thirds of Pension Funds Increasing Hedge Fund Allocations

Hedge funds reportedly plan foray into CMBS market

Hedge Funds Get Bullish: 10 Stocks They Love

Despite Uncertainty, Private Equity Remains Bullish on Europe

Private equity investors temper return expectations

Private Equity Seeks European Bank Assets, but Deals Are Slow to Come

Private Equity Took Bigger Share of Technology Deals for 2012


Three Trends that Will Shape Healthcare in 2013

Health Care Law Protects Consumers Against Worst Insurance Practices

Virtual assistants to ‘drastically’ change US healthcare by 2018

How will HRAs and HSAs work on pubic exchanges?

Exchanges could be a good fit for pre-65 retirees

Towers Watson Joins Aon Hewitt, Mercer As Private Exchange Competition Sizzles

Health Care Panel, Lacking Budget, Is Left Waiting

Key Long-Term-Care Insurer To Raise Women’s Premiums

CFO Presence Can Curb Insurance Prices

GAO: PPACA could help budget, or hurt a little


For Gates Foundation, Philanthropy is a Two-Way Street


Many investors ignorant about advisor compensation

Executive Pay Votes May Be Harming Shareholders

GM Pitches This Executive Compensation Package To Shareholders


The Dueling Fiduciary Shadows of 12b-1 Fees

As Fiduciary Debate Returns, Advisors Share Attitudes and Practices

What the DOL Has in Store

ASPPA Asks for More Roth Conversion Guidance

SEC seeks input on credit rating reform

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