August 21, 2013

by The Morning Pulse

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August 21, 2013

401(a)/(k) / 403(b) / 457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Misunderstanding Impedes Auto Feature Adoption

Letter from Yale Law School Dean to ASPPA About Professor Ayres’ 401(k) Fee Research

Communication Needs More Focus on Younger Employees

Holistic Financial Planning for Retirement

Employer Stock in 401(k)s Bad for the Bottom Line?

Survey: Majority of 401(k) sponsors happy with adviser

DC Plans an Important Part of Higher Ed. Benefits

Most 401(k) participants have recovered since 2008


Detroit Officials, Pension Funds to Meet

County pension funds consider merger

Pension Funds Dispute Actuarial Calculations in Detroit Bankruptcy


Currencies in emerging markets plummet

Central banks deal with bond worries

Auditor: Fannie, Freddie fail to disclose potential losses

Rural Economy Growing Slowly


How the Hedge Fund Pricing Model of 2% and 20% Is Changing

Hedge funds see best monthly inflows in six months


The Danger of Wellness Programs: Don’t Become the Next Penn State

Hospitals May Absorb Risk of Insurers’ Debtor Patients

One in Five Health Systems to Become Payers by 2018

Employer-Sponsored Family Health Premiums Rise a Modest 4 Percent in 2013, Employer Survey Finds


In Charitable Giving, No ‘Hierarchy of Goodness’


Executive Compensation: Balancing Business Needs with External Pressure


State-Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Employees: A Better Way to Save for Retirement?

Investment Adviser Ordered to Restore Plan Losses

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