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May 8, 2014

401(a)/(k)/403(b)/457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Investment Policy Statement Best Practices
Millennial Investing Habits: Balancing Risk and Returns
More Americans tapping 401(k)s before retirement
Workers Mostly Satisfied with Retirement Benefits
Fewer Americans Plan to Rely on 401(k) Plans in Retirement

American Airlines Employees Grounded from Trading 401(k) Funds

Early Withdrawals from 401(k) Plans Replace Homes as American Piggy Bank


New Guide for Defined Benefit Plan Provider Searches
The vanishing defined-benefit pension and its discontents
Can the Voters Cure Phoenix’ Public-Pension Sickness?
What public pensions should (and shouldn’t) disclose about their private equityinvestments
University pension system chief sees way to fix one error in state law

Baltimore moves to privatize some public pensions

Retirement Income Security Prospects of American Workers: A Critique of Recent Assessments
Evaluating Total Unfunded Public Employee Retirement Liabilities in 20 California Counties
State and Local Government Spending on Public Employee Retirement Systems


U.S. economy likely contracted in Q1
Higher Inflation May Force Fed To Tighten Within A Year
Investors Demanding Higher Yields on Junk-Rated Loans
Research reveals strong institutional appetite for senior bank loans 
Why Haven’t Bond Rates Risen?

The next operational hurdle for hedge funds – collateral management
Real estate giant predicts slow home sales for months to come
The rise of interval funds: Mutual funds for alternative investing
European Private Equity Exits Hit a Fresh Record
This is What Low Volatility Has Done to Macro Hedge Funds

Banks embrace riskier loans for homeowners, hedge funds alike
UK hedge funds see assets jump, beat continental peers


Healthcare Data under Attack
Healthcare’s Next Phase: Think Amazon
Insurers Say Most Obamacare Customers Paid First Premiums
Broker Private Exchanges Still Fall Short of Government Exchanges
Employers Eye Moving Sickest Workers to Insurance Exchanges



Jeffrey H. Snyder

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Jeffrey has held a wide range of senior positions within the United States defined contribution retirement industry. His experience is as broad as it is deep and he has worked with many of the industry’s top firms to provide guidance and solutions to employers throughout all sectors of the economy.

Considered an “industry insider” and an independent voice, Jeffrey is often sought out for his opinion on a wide range of industry topics speaking at industry conferences and web events. Most recently, Jeffrey was a panelist for Pension and Investments’ 2013 Public Funds DC Summit and the moderator for Bloomberg’s “Ahead of the Curve: The Latest Trends of Defined Contribution Retirement Plans”. He has also been quoted in industry periodicals and has written countless articles. He recently authored “A Bid for Change: Using the Competitive Process to Transform Your DC Retirement Program”,  Optimizing Public Pension Systems: A Call for a Plan of Action for Public Defined Contribution Plan Sponsors and Eight Hot Topics for Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Sponsors which were picked up by the National media.


Jeffrey has a passion for reaching out, guiding others and sharing important information. In late 2012, Jeffrey founded The Morning Pulse, Inc., a media company focused on aggregating, organizing and delivering industry information daily. Over a thousand industry professionals and senior executives have come to trust Jeffrey for his editorial eye and timely delivery of important and relevant news.

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