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May 28, 2014

401(a)/(k)/403(b)/457(b) RETIREMENT PLANS

Source “Spots”
Retirement Fears Don’t Inspire Sacrifices
Most Fiduciaries Using Target Date Funds Are Inviting Lawsuits
The Retirement Apocalypse That Isn’t Coming
Tell a Graduate to Start Saving Now

Today’s Retirement System: Adequacy, Equity, Efficiency, and Stability


Pension shift poses challenges for Christie
Phoenix ends pension spiking for police officers, firefighters
The unfunded public pensions and corruption that broke Detroit’s back
Hearing set to make Wayne County pensions suit a class action
The Pension Albatross And The Employee Base

Reforming Social Security to Increase Worker’s Retirement Income
Redesigning US Public Pension Plans (in the Netherlands)
Does Retirement Induced Through Social Security Pension Eligibility Influence Subjective Well-Being?


Economic climate constraining ABS
Central banks must monitor financial stability
Are Mutual Fund Managers Driven to Perform?
Europe faces risk of deflationary spirals
Corporate treasurers increasing use of repo to manage cash

Foundations and Endowments Seek to Lower Investment RisksInvestors look to sustainable investing
Stanford University Divests From Fossil Fuel Stocks
Charge Investors to Exit in Times of Stress
Rethinking Traditional Investment Risk Questionnaires


Fund structures for family offices
Commodity funds lead the way in 2014
Manager Selection and Performance Dispersion
Hedge Funds’ Investing Prowess Doesn’t Live Up to Billing
Hedge funds in worst start to year since financial crisis

Hedge funds sell-off ags as US weather improves
Hedge fund redemptions rose to 4.32% in mid-May
Hedge funds are developing ‘cheap’ smart beta products
REIT Investing For Dividend Growth Investors: A Prospective Study
Urban real estate investing is back with a new name, look


When Hospital Systems Buy Health Insurers
Healthcare navigators still at work
Health Care Cost-Sharing Works — Up to a Point
Insurers Once on the Fence Plan to Join Health Exchanges in 2015
What We Know About Health Reform in Massachusetts

Exchange plans to get report cards
IRS sets high penalties for companies that send employees to ACA health exchanges


Older investors relying less on traditional advisers
Financial planning degree programs popular at universities
Over 55s account for four in five dollars under advice
Never Been Examined?
Millennials managing finances more effectively with apps

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